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Male Escorts Melbourne – Nicolas

Good news, the long search is over. You have clicked on the right profile.

My photographs are 100% real. What you see, is what you get.

Hello, my name is Nicolas, let me to introduce myself….

I am originally from Belgium, although I am also half Italian. I speak English with a sexy French accent.
I have over 10 years experience as male escort in Europe and adore spending time with women of all ages.
Easy going and friendly person who is both sensual and highly perceptive to a woman’s needs and her desires.
I love to worship a woman’s body with my hands and my mouth…….I also welcome straight couples who are seeking to spice up their sex-life in the boudoir. Available for days of fun, and if you so desire, to fulfil your deepest fantasies and even your most carnal desires…
I am 35 years old, 178cm, with a fit, slim physique. Performance wise, I am a master of my domain. I am very well endowed in both length and girth and able to please the most demanding of lovers. (Victorian laws prohibit me from displaying photos of it, but can easily be emailed to you upon request, just send me an email). You ll remember it and congratulate yourself for ever.The real deal !
A once in a lifetime memory…..
Having recently moved to Melbourne ( THE place to be an escort) to become professional., I have found my professional services in this location are highly sought after.
My services are for successful business women, rich widows and high class couples.

Rates: I do not offer hourly rates, I leave the rate of our first meeting up to you! You pay me what you want, to show me your appreciation for our quality time together. We will have long foreplay, and an amazing time, you will be completely and utterly satisfied when I leave. A large majority of my clients, become permanent clients and always wish to see me again.

Gentlemen, please read the following twice.

If you want to surprise your wife for her birthday ? then my advice is Forget about me,
Women are not like us, they DO NOT like this kind of surprise.
They need to be physically and mentally ready to ride “Bigboy”. I have never met a woman, who was “happy” to find out she is taking part in a threesome, NOW with someone she hasn’t chosen, met, let alone agreed to.
But if you insist! on a “surprise”, you must transfer a $500 deposit, to my email address via paypal prior to our meeting (NO REFUNDS) will be given, So if you/her decide to cancel our appointment, 5 minutes before our rendezvous, because she wont agree to meet me !!! It is not wasting anyone’s time.
I come to please her ! Not you, so it is important that you know YOUR limits before I arrive. I will not do anything to her, she doesn’t want to do, in order to please you.
If you argue in front of me, I am out of there !

A few words of advice from a professional male escort, that every woman should consider when engaging a male escort…..
I personally, strongly recommend you do not employ an “agency”, as you will be sent a man, for thousands of dollars, without even seeing a picture of his face, and as advised by a client, he might not agree to use his tongue between your legs!

Some women say I am better looking in the flesh…
I believe, you do not decide to be an escort or companion, you are born to do it, it was my calling in life. It isn’t a part time job, it is a life style.

Initial contact by message>
As English isn’t my mother tongue, send me the address for our rendez-vous via text message

0434 967 870


Twitter: @La_santattitude

Instagram: nicolasx_x_xsantamaria

Facebook: Nicolasx X Xsantamaria


Male Escorts Melbourne Male Escort Nicolas

Responses (6)

  1. Nessa
    at ·

    Never having done anything like this before, and after much looking, and waiting, and looking again, and finally getting up my courage to make that first call, Nervous was but a distant memory from the first time I spoke to Nicolas. Charming, Handsome, Passionate and so much more. Has taken me places I never new existed. … With all my heart I you wish you and all those who are lucky enough to cross your path, to find the same, and so much more..xoxox

  2. Leisa
    at ·

    Well….. Where do I start?
    I found Nicolas to be professional in all areas, understanding, a great conversationalist, gentle in nature, aware of your needs, extremely passionate and a great guy all round!
    As this was my first time with an Escort and not having been with a different male for over 20 years I was surprised that I enjoyed myself sooo much!
    Ladies, I suggest you give Nicolas serious
    consideration if your looking for a great evening in Melbourne!
    By the way…He’s hung like a horse and I certainly had trouble sitting the next day or two without getting a smile on my face.

  3. Di
    at ·

    Nicolas was a lot of fun. I had a great time and he is talented in all the right places 🙂 Lovely to kiss and touch, he is warm,passionate and exciting to be around. Looking forward to more good times!

  4. Mon
    at ·

    afternoon Nicolas i’m a 36year old busy women my girlfreind was telling me recently of her experience with a very well endowed male and her enjoyment that it’s something i must also experience could you please email me your photo so we can talk more?

  5. Carla
    at ·

    I had the pleasure of Nicholas’ company and he doesn’t exaggerate his prowess. He is the real deal. Much more handsome than his pics, a superstar in bed and a genuinely nice guy. Run – don’t walk! – to your phone and book some time with this lovely man now. You will thank me!

  6. Simone
    at ·

    There is a popular sex industry term, ‘to fall in love for an evening’. The beautiful Nicolas is so skilled at his craft, that is exactly what you do. When with him, you forget about the elderly parent with dementia, your unpleasant ex-husband, or your children who struggle to scrape through – not excel – at their exams. When his lips touch yours, the worries of the world melt away.

    Every woman deserves an evening of indulgence with Nicolas. Suspend your troubles for a few hours and buy into the fantasy of a gorgeous man, desperate to pleasure you. And pleasure you he will. Again and again.

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